Burgundy Hollow             Northampton, PA       Call/Text: (610)417-4231

​June 10 Horse Trials has been re-scheduled for July 8.  

All entries will be transferred to another event or fully refunded.  Burgundy Hollow re-seeded our fields in the Fall and the weather was a bit uncooperative so we re-seeded again this spring.  It was a two fold purpose:  Better footing and great hay.  The grass is growing beautifully but since this Spring has started so late and now continues to be so wet, we will not be able to mow the fields on time to build the xc course.  The new turf is beautiful, tender, new grass but we will unfortunately destroy it if we try to drive equipment on it to mow it.  Our best laid plans were foiled by the weather.  We apologize for any inconvenience but hope to provide our competitors with beautiful new grass in the very near future.

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