Burgundy Hollow  offers 4 levels of xc courses. 



Horse Trials / Mix & Match:   ​  July 8   &   Sept 16

      Divisions Include: Horse Trials, Mix & Match, Combined Test, Dressage Only, Stadium Only and XC Only.

Burgundy Hollow  Farm, Inc.

 Where Champions Get Their Start

We offer a fun and welcoming environment allowing riders to compete in any or all phases of a Horse Trial by choosing which phases he or she would like to enter.

The rider may mix it up by choosing different levels for each phase to allow the horse and rider to compete at each phase at the level they are most comfortable.  

If you have a well seasoned dressage horse, you may ride a novice dressage test while offering your horse the ability to try his first walk trot cross country course.  

If you have a seasoned jumper who has never seen a dressage ring, you may ride a walk trot dressage test, have fun jumping a 2'11" stadium round and then venture onto your first 18" xc course.  

If you are a new rider, try a combined test and if all goes well, add a xc round the day of the event.  We also welcome riders who prefer to ride any phase to join us. Our goal is for you to come and have fun and be able to ride within your comfort zone. Whatever your situation, we have something for you.

If this is your first time joining us, if you have ridden with us previously but need guidance how to enter, or if you just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Where champions get their start

Burgundy Hollow             Northampton, PA       Call/Text: (610)417-4231

Two, small, grass arenas. Schedule allows time for judge to speak to and encourage each rider.


New:  "CowPony" Eventing Division:  This is a fun new addition for Paints, QH's, and any horse who has a "Western" background.  The "CowPony" with             the lowest eventing score will receive a prize.  Horse must enter Horse Trial or Mix & Match.

             Team Competition:          This is for a group of 3 or more riders doing any or all phases.  Each team must have 2 scores from each phase.  The team's lowest

                                                            two scores from each phase will be added together for a team score.  The team with the lowest total score will receive a prize.

               2018 Team Challenge:   Team with the lowest two scores from at least two 2018 Burgundy Hollow events will receive a prize.

Flat, grass arena with inviting and forward flowing courses. Starter, BN, and Novice ride in one arena while the Intro course is a separate course with six, small and friendly jumps.