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Burgundy Hollow             Northampton, PA       Call/Text: (610)417-4231

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XC Schooling:   

         XC Schooling is available by appointment, weather and footing permitted.  

         Course closes the Monday prior to each event and reopens the day after each event.


  • Approved helmet, vest, medical arm band  and appropriate footwear.
  • Signed Liability Release.  If rider is under age 18, BOTH rider and parent MUST sign release.
  • Fellow rider or ground person.  At least one rider must be an adult.
  • Current negative Coggins, within one year of date riding.
  • Payment:  $35/person/horse. $5 discount/rider for groups of 5 or more if one person pays for group.
  • Call/Text (610) 417-4231 or Email burgundyhollow@yahoo.com for appointment.

XC Schooling: