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Burgundy Hollow             Northampton, PA       Call/Text: (610)417-4231

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XC Schooling:   

        Hooray!! We were finally able to mow our newly seeded grass and will be putting xc jumps back on the field this week. Hoping by Friday, June 29, most of the course will be available for xc schoooing.  Thank you for your understanding and patience. Call/text (610) 417-4231.

XC Schooling is available by appointment, weather and footing permitted.  


  • Approved helmet, vest, medical arm band  and appropriate footwear.
  • Signed Liability Release.  If rider is under age 18, BOTH rider and parent MUST sign release.
  • Fellow rider or ground person.  At least one rider must be an adult.
  • Current negative Coggins, within one year of date riding.
  • Payment:  $35/person/horse. $5 discount/rider for groups of 5 or more if one person pays for group.
  • Call/Text (610) 417-4231 or Email burgundyhollow@yahoo.com for appointment.

XC Schooling: